I will help plan, develop & implement

AI-based Automation & Low-Code Solutions

Whether you’re starting a new business or seeking to improve your existing one, I can help you analyze your business flows and then develop AI-based automation using low-code tools enhancing your business’s cost structure and profit opportunities significantly.

The Complete Cycle

From Ideation to Business re-Launch

I help turn ideas and workflows into detailed implementation plans.

Analyzing the business flow and data infrastructure creates a solid basis for a successful new low-code / automation project launch.

I implement AI-based Automation using Low-Code tools

Whether it is an MVP or a fully operational system, I offer an effective development methodology implemented by me and on a need basis sub-contracted team.

I create launch-ready operational and marketing framework

I use cutting-edge marketing tools to create a complete set – site, presentations, and all ebooks /white papers needed to launch a new product.

Why Hire Me

I let core teams focus on their target mission

By taking responsibility for one or few of the time-consuming tasks part of an MVP project, core teams can focus on their native strong skills and achieve their goals faster while improving overall performance 

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Sample Projects


Fully functional supplychain optimization solution, based on Low-Code automation tools such as Airtable and Make, assisted by AI based 


Automated Checkout-system requiring minimum human intervention, reducing costs for any SMB retailer


Computer-Vision based Semi-Autonomous Scooter


ML-based COVID Gating Solution using audio signature of tested person

The New Way to Implement Fast Business Functions

No-Code /Low-Code Projects

The recent breakthrough in No-Code/Low-Code tools and support enabled, for the first time, to carry out real-world business applications that deliver value fast and at minimum investment. Using these tools I can now achieve:

  • Fast implementation of an MVP
  • Low-cost development
  • Maintenance by non-technical team

Sample apps are described in my projects page. More coming soon.

How it's done

My Approach to Managing Low-Code /AI-based Automation Projects

Staged delivery combining frequent discussions, approved plans and careful, pro-level execution 

STEP1: Project’s functional goal is defined in detail, verified against its business model

STEP2: MVP is designed and implementation is planned matching budget and timeline constraints

STEP3: MVP is implemented using the chosen model (internal, sub-contracted, overseas), fully managed and tracked by Project Manager

STEP4: Delivered MVP is tested against requirements, covering all targeted scenarios and use-cases. Sent back for bug-fixing if any detected.

See my Projects page for implementation samples

Great words about us

What some of my clients say

Representative List
Chaim helped us move our AI-based Med-Tech product from an early version to a fully functional service within record time.
Yigal Ben Shalom
With the critical help of Chaim, we managed to launch our eCommerce business exactly as we visioned, then assisted its smooth operation
Tali R.
Chaim managed successfully the development of our shipment and check-out security solution as well as managed its initial launch
Blaine Lyman
Tools I use to manage and accelerate projects' implementation

Skills and Technologies

Low-Code /Zero Code & Automation

Ability to implement MVPs using tools such as AppSheet, Adalo, Bubble and AppGeyver, from desig to coding and field tests

Machine Learning /AI

Management ability of projects requiring Machine Learning technology, MLOps, and Data Engineering

Advanced G-Suite Automation

Ability to build and automate complex schemes in Google AppsScript, MAKE and ZAPIER

Project Management Tools

Synchronization and Task Management using NOTION, AirTable, and Slack, Coda as Project Documentation Engine

Programming Technology

Analyze and assist development using Python, JavaScript, PHP and HTML/CSS, advanced APIs implementation

Graphics and Video Editing Tools

App Designs in Figma, XD, Adobe tools, online tools such as CANVA and Visme, video editing in CAMTASIA

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