Preparing for a Slower Economy – a Startup Guide

Slow-down in business activity is everywhere, and many of the assumptions leading to our current business plans may not be valid. VCs, among others, are worried as to whether their investments (startups…) will adapt quickly and effectively.

Sequoia Capital, among the well-known high-tech Silicon Valley investors, recently released a slide set targeting the needed adaptations. These slides seem to be a useful contribution to any entrepreneur’s toolbox. The full set is available here, and it is quite lengthy. I thought that a shorter, more visual version might serve those of us who are tight on time. My version focuses on the key points and adds a few original takes on the subject. The set provided below covers the following topics:

  • Calculating your Runway
  • Extending the Runway
  • How to make sure sales improve or at least stay stable
  • Cost-cutting measures and considerations


Slowdown Guide 02.pdf by hbx5555

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