Why Do You Need a Product Launch Kit

Setting the right goal for the launch

As the launch date for the MVP gets closer, most of the attention goes to checking the features and making sure the product meets expectations. Marketing the MVP seems secondary, as the goal is to reach a relatively small group of users that will provide the feedback needed to complete and optimize the product. Yet when analyzing the role of the launch in a more inclusive manner, it is clear that the marketing part has an important role.
The target audience will be affected not just by product features but also by the associated envelope: Branding, documentation, and the attached general message.
A Launch Kit should provide these elements in a convincing, professional package promoting the right message and creating a lasting impression. Even when offering genuinely unique features, poorly packaged MVP might miss the opportunity and create a poor reaction to a heart solution.

What should go into a Launch Kit?

Today’s diverse set of digital channels to which most users, especially the younger generation, are exposed requires matching variety from the promoting side. The days of brochures and user’s manual are gone, and towards the launch event, the following is recommended:

  • A professional branding kit: Logo, colors, fonts selection
  • Product Presentation
  • eBook if the topic requires additional clarification and details
  • Domain Name matching company’s name
  • A Landing Page as a minimal digital presence published at the owned domain
  • A complete site if the product is complex and should be promoted via more in-depth material such as use cases, Q&A sections, and more.
  • Social Nets presence, especially if the product targets end users (B2C model). Facebook and Linkedin as a minimum, Twitter and  YouTube if time and budget allow.

Example of a Launch-Kit

Startup: CrowdWise

  • Domain Name: CrowdWise.ai
  • Logo Design (See the first slide of the sample product presentation
  • A Landing Page as a minimal digital presence published at the owned domain
  • Company /Product Presentation – see below
Crowdise Product Presentation

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